The Narrow Escapes
The Narrow Escapes are a lo-fi, melodic art pop group hailing from Austin, TX. The one consistent member since 2002 has been founder and principal songwriter, Art Silva. At first TNE was a home recording project for Silva’s solo material, but eventually evolved into a live band with one mid-west tour under their belt. After one album (Bachelor Life) self-released in 2017 The Narrow Escapes are excited to release their first 7″, Cruise Life on 6/11/21.

Meryll was formed in 2003 by songwriter Andrew Hernandez. Soon after the band was created, their first two albums “You’ve Got Cousins” (2005) and “Happened” (2007) were released in the US and Japan. Meryll has toured the US multiple times with different itereations of the band and have been joined by Beatle Bob at Frederick’s Music Lounge (St. Louis). Overtime, Hernandez has brought in many notable collaborators to work on Meryll such as Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 and Tim Kinsella of Cap’n Jazz and Joan of Arc. A new full length album is nearly finished with the help of Art Silva (The Narrow Escapes) and Chris Sensat (The Belfuries/Jungle Rockers). 
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